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Guruw is a Japanese progressive band from Tokyo, formed in Aug 2019. 


The lineup consisted of guitarist OZIMA, keyboardist AYAKI, bassist Yuki Koike, and drummer Eiji Tanaka.


Internatinal guitarist OZIMA made a new sound concept for Guruw. He has been to Mumbai, India once a year since 2018 and wrote songs inspired by India.


1st album「initiations」is available on Oct 2020.

​Guruw electrik

​Guruw acoustik

OZIMA - guitar
AYAKI - keyboards
Yuki Koike - bass
Eiji Tanaka - drums

OZIMA - guitar

市川 空 - pf key

安東 昇 - wbass

北澤大樹 - drums

guruw メンバー 生島佳明 AYAKI 小池勇輝 田中栄二
グルー 生島佳明
グルー 田中栄二
グルー 小池勇輝
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